My 500th follower!

500 Follows!


I have just got this! Yay!!!! 500 followers… 500 people who have pressed that little button. 500 of you that have changed my life and actually take an interest in what I’m doing!!!

Thank you all!

The offending 500th follower is a young chap called Adam who has a blog called adamdixonfiction he’s constantly writing fiction and has found me thought Niki’s blog and wants to join the crew of the spaceship Explorer.

I’m looking forward to reading Adam’s work and to having adventures on our virtual spaceship. Thanks for following Adam!

Simon 🙂



79 thoughts on “My 500th follower!”

      1. Grant writing sounds really interesting – I guss it keeps the money rolling in though eh?
        I’m at work looking forward to the wekeend. I’ve had a look through your blog and you’ve got some good and very creative work you’ve got a good eye. I have yet to listen to your music.

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      1. You mean, all organized? Tomorrow there are quite some errands to go about. The rest of Saturday and Sunday I will use for getting some paperwork done, doin stuff around the house, and scheculing posts. But all relaxed!

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