The Titan Mystery – Part 4

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Things are getting interesting on the Titan, every new discovery raises more questions…


The Titan Mystery

Just them Seanna had a message come through on the intercom. It was McKinley.

“What’s your progress? Any update?” Seanna froze for a second and looked round at the team who were staring back, all of them thinking the same thing.

“The target got away commander” Seanna hated to lie to McKinley. But she could see no choice.

“Got away?” McKinley asked in disbelief.

“Yes commander. We have however found a duct that leads to a large energy source” This was the only thing she could think of to distract McKinley. She needed him off her back.

“Very well, I don’t need to tell you to proceed with caution.”

“I understand, stay put – we may need you later if we can work out what we need and where we need it”

“I’ll be ready” McKinley signed off the intercom.

Seanna turned to her team, all of…

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