I’m building a space ship and I need a crew – this is the long and short of this post. Unfortunately this isn’t real life, it’s in the blogoshpere. During Niki’s meet and greet at the weekendΒ  I met up and got chatting with a fellow blogger at some point in this conversation she suggested that my blog os like a spaceship going on adventure and I was the Captain.

I – stopped – dead!!!

In a flash of promted inspiration I thought about this and a feature which would be Simon’s spaceship (that’s not what it’s going be called ok? I’m not that shallow lol), like all spaceships we go on adventures and we find stuff, battle weird aliens maybe. The crew (i.e. anyone that signs up to this) write about their own adventures on this spaceship, adding in their own humour, passion for exploration or whatever. This will be an exploration in writing and of course yourselves. So, how is this going to work?

What’s the idea?

The spaceship Explorer (good name, cos that’s what we’re going to do) is going to be sent on missions and there will be a story scenario set up, which I as Captain will write. Think of this as the Captains log of events for this mission. This is will be the prompt for you as the crew to write about this mission from your point of view. To give everyone time the mission will be posted at the start of the month with the conclusion and all your stories will be posted at the end of the month and we see how we go. I’m going to have no limits on the amount you write, I would suggest 500 – 1000 words, but that is only a suggestion there are NO limits! πŸ™‚


What do you need to do?

Basically, respond to this post with an idea or suggestion of the crewmember or function you would like to serve. I will set up a page defining everyone’s role and will try and keep this up to date!

When will this happen?

I’m planning to launch the first mission of Explorer in May. The stories / logs of each of the crew can be posted on your blog anytime. But I will need them for posting in the mission conclusion at the end of May (say the 27th).


What roles are there?

Here is an extensive list of the roles we will need. This is not exhaustive – if you think you have what it takes to fulfill another role then by all means suggest this.

Command :

Captain – Myself

First Officer – K (This lady was the inspiration so, she get’s the 2IC spot!)

Flight Officer – Ships pilot – Vacant

Operations Officer – Running of all ships functions – Vacant

Medical Officer – Vacant



Chief Science Officer – Niki

Science Officers – Vacant



Chief Engineer – In charge of team repairing and maintaining the ship – Vacant

Engineering officer(s) – Vacant

So you see – there’s lots of possibilities, a universe of them in fact. That’s why you’ll also need to follow my Scifi / writing blog universeofpossibility.wordpress.com to keep up with this as this is where it’s going to happen!

So – who’s in? You? Yes, you… thinking you might but not sure. Do you dare? Join me and the crew of the Explorer ans see where it takes you!

Simon πŸ™‚

No ownsership on image – IXS Enterprise




85 thoughts on “First call for help – A new Space ship is being launched!

      1. I’m not sure I want you in my crew girl… but if you did that I would have to stun you with a laser then shoot you into space. I am that cruel! Bhahaha!

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  1. Hi there, Simon. I’ve just seen your plan via Niki’s blog and I think it’s a great idea!
    I’d love to come on board, if you’ll have me. I’m constantly writing fiction and I’ve always loved sci-fi, so I think this would be really fun ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Adam, thanks for stopping by it’s great to see you. You’re more than welcome on board, have a look at:

      And see what roles that are still available and take your pick. Let me know what you think. I’m going to set up a page about it so that everyone knows what’s going on and we can go from there.

      Thanks for showing interest. BTW you’re my 500th follower – that means you get a big mention in my 500th follower post πŸ™‚

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  2. Reblogged this on The Richness of a Simple Life and commented:
    I’m so excited to share this idea that was inspired at my last meet and greet! Kim built upon Simon’s dream he shared and we are making it a virtual reality! I’m joining this adventure even though I have no experience in the genre… I guess the A-Z Challenge has me feeling bold! Check out Simon’s post for all of the details and join us if you feel inclined! I look forward to this adventure!

    Chief Science Officer- Niki L.

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  3. Last thing I promise. Should we submit out transcripts to you for you to publish and us to reblog? I’ve read of some problem with blogs being removed due to a blogger posting their work on their blog and the original work being published as a guest post and considered plagiarized…just trying to avoid the ugly technicalities πŸ˜‰

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    1. I think what we will do is you guys post your stories out and link to the post so I know when they’ve been done. Then when I put the conclusion out at the end of them onth I will link back to them.
      This way it’s all links and should be fine.

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    1. Sure that sounds like a great idea. I’ll think of something and then throw it out there when I’ve got on top things.
      Thanks for the suggestions, keep them coming πŸ™‚

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      1. I’d like to but right now I’m not sure I could commit the time needed to do it justice. Next few weeks I’m full on with my book editing. I’d end up the guy in the red shirt on the away team…πŸ€”

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      1. Bloke what unplugs the drainage, fixes lights and goes into other dirty dank places on the ship? I can do that. (But I’m not going down on planets…we’ll all know what happens to ‘the nameless crew’ personnel who go down on planets!)

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      1. I’ll give it a try. Always wanted to try writing sci-fi. I’ll be the one the crew comes to when they need to discuss the shame of accidentally attaching robotic arms. 😊

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    1. Welcome aboard first officer. Make sure the rabble are sorted into the right workplaces will you?
      I don’t want the medics in engineering, mind you having the engineers in the infirmary will be a greater disaster. Happened once on a sister ship, total chaos it was. People came out with robotic arms and head radio’s surgically implanted.

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      1. Not on my watch, Captain! I’m all over it.
        I did hear rumours about that incident on the sister ship … They say the first officer’s judgement was impaired, possibly by contact with a mysterious sample taken on their mission? Could just be talk amongst the crew though …

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      2. Oh the crew are good for talking and spreading rumours.
        There was once a story about a man size, flesh eating alien on board. Turns out it came from looking uder a microscope at alien headlice.

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