The secrets and wonders of an old church

This is a church near to where I work. I used to work round the corner and I used to go here a lot and look round. It was peaceful, quiet and interesting to look around. It was built a long, long time ago. Back in the 13th century. It predates the United States, democrocy in the England and so much more.

There is a board on the back that lists every minister that’s served there. How original and old it is I can’t say, but I like to think it’s as old as the curch.

The walls show signs of how it’s changed over the many years.Every mark tells it’s story. Look carefully on the last picture on the right. just below the lip on the right is a ginger bread man figure. Put there by a crantsman who wanted to leave his mark, he’s now now retired but has his story too.


This stone is a memorial to  a girl that died and tells the story of her father who was taken from his home country. One presumes he was a slave and somehow escaped to Britain where he married a local and had a child.


Inside, ancient painting and stone work set this place alive. The gnerations of families that have worshipped here. How many have been christened, married and celebrated in the sight of these arches. What stories could they tell if they spoke?

This place inspires me, the age and the features preserved are just amazing and I wanted to share them so you could too!

Simon 🙂


49 thoughts on “The secrets and wonders of an old church”

      1. Well, on the west coast we have historical buildings, but 19th century is generally as old as it gets.

        Those of us from Sacramento consider the town wildly historic because we have the 19th century Capitol, some original buildings and lampposts, and Victorian houses.

        It’s old for the US, but pales in comparison to European treasures.

        The natives who lived here in the 13th century were more about building stuff with natural materials than constructing cathedrals, so only arrow heads and the like remain.

        Good from an environmental perspective, I suppose, but crap for historical artifacts.

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      2. I’m sure there is older stuff about somewhere too. But the builders of these places could never imagine the modern life their work would see.


    1. I’ll have to pop over and get some closer pics, or if you can get to Cambridge you can se for yourself lol. It’s very old and there are lots of missing fragments. But it’s amazing to see.


      1. There was an ancient painting found in the walls of this church a few years ago too. I didn’t see the information they put up about ti this time, but no-one knows why it was there.


      2. Intriguing. A lot of beautiful and valuable things were hidden at the time of the Reformation to preserve them when the old Catholic iconography was banned. It makes you wonder what is still lft to be uncovered.

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