Why I hate Xbox (Probably other games consoles too)

My son has an Xbox and I hate it.

I don’t hate him playing games, to be honest that’s the bit I’m grateful for as it means I can do other things while he’s playing on it. I don’t even mind that I can’t get him off of it, that kind of thing comes with the territory. For me there’s a few things fatally flawed with Xbox:

  1. The games are almost always too old / violent for my son. This means every time I go to take my son to buy a game that we end up searching for ages. Me saying ‘No’ repeatedly and then some more. I get shouted at and eventually we come to some kind of compromise. But it is compromise, so instantly no-one is happy becasue let’s face it – no one like compromise.
  2. The pay system on Xbox is too accessible. Apple, Google and other pay for apps / games worked out that a password or code was a good thing. Not Xbox. No, with Xbox you can do whatever the hell you like, you can’t lock your card it is wide open. Nice one. So now, some smart ass says “set up a child account for your son.” This comment leads to a bleeding nose for them and brings me to my third point…
  3. Setting up a child account is ‘easy’ so they say. Well it wasn’t for me. I clicked on the button on my email which said “click here to verify your email” and nothing happened! On top of this, I can’t transfer my son’s friends to the child account.

Don’t get me wrong – Xbox games are good, but the user controls and account setting are set up so the user is open to attack and fleeced by thier kids. How hard would it have been to add the option for a password on payment? It’s woeful in this day and age of cyber security to not have this – a poor show Microsoft. By the way – Minecraft is pretty good as well as the lego superhero games but all my son want is Call of Duty. Halo is pretty good too I have to add… so it’s no ALL bad!



9 thoughts on “Why I hate Xbox (Probably other games consoles too)

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  1. Damn things…hate them with a passion, unless of course it is Jak and Daxter on the Playstation and even then, I get bored all too easily. I’ve watched as youngest son has emptied his bank account on tokens for the xbox, very dangerous indeed.

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  2. I agree about the account being weird an stuff. And to help you with that you should just get prepaid xbox card. Or they can give u how ever much money you wanna put on his account. That way when he runs out of money he just runs out, and your card info isn’t in the system. And a lot of the games are very violent, and I just wanna know if that’s how you feel then why do you buy them for him? I worked at hardtop for 3 years and never understood why parents thought games were to violent but would still buy them for their kids.

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    1. Yeah, I get the card thing. I’ve now got it set up so it goes out of a separate account. All MS had to do was put a password option in.
      The violence of the games annoys me as there are so few child friendly games. But we limit what’s he’s exposed to.

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