Planet Simon’s Weekly Roundup

With the weekend round the corner and everyone breathing a sign of TGIF, it’s time for a roundup of the week and all of it’s fun and frolics. I’m not sure what I’ll be doing this weekend, hopefully there will be some of this:

Simon 11

But who knows eh?

The Spaceman DJ:

Simon 3

This week’s musical collection has been on a new band called Forever Still. I have loved them straigh off and I know some of you have too – so here’s a selection of them for you:

Forever Still – Wake the Fire

Forever Still – Tied Down

Forever Still – Towards the Edge


Blog Battle:


I managed to get around to a blog battle this week – I continued the Titan Mystery story from where we left off last week:

The Titan Mystery – Part 2

Let me know what you guys think of it. By the way, if you want to join the the blog battles it’s a great way of trying out your writing. It’s run by the great Rachael Ritchey. So go and have a look!

The Final Frontier:

This weeks space news I thougth was interesting, with the things to know over the week and a stunning image from Cassini of Saturn:

saturn 4

Solar system things to know this week

Saturn askew

Other posts:

I’m not going to spot on about the posts – have alook for yourselves. I’ve been busy this week!

How big are the problems in your life?

Why I hate Xbox

Keswick & Derwent wtare from atop Cat Bells



Bloggers, Posts and awards this week:


Suzie speaks wrote a great post on what Blogger should stop getting stressed about. I’m definitely on the random side life like her and don’t plan much… This was her post, enjoy reading it:

Things that bloggers need to stop getting stressed about

I’m also putting up this short story from Lucy, who is one of my favourite bloggers. If you’re not following her – why not?? She’s amazing:

Mermaid talk


I got the Liebster award for the second time this week and as usual I gave it some of my special attention:

The Liebster Award







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    1. Thanks, I think it’s nice that people give them. I just enjoy doing my bit.
      Thanks for the compliment too – it’s much appreciated, I enjoy visiting you too. Which I am doing more often! 🙂

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