Unsubscribing wants to make you to feel stupid

So there I was sitting there looking at the junk emails in my inbox. Like the sharp thinking guy I am I thought “I know I can unsubscribe from this” finding the unsubscribe button (it was tiny) I clicked it and a page opened saying something like:

Are you sure you want to stop saving money?

I mean… what the fuck? Seriously? You turn this around to make me look I’m obviously stupid and don’t want to save load of money. NO! I don’t want your annoying emails anymore!

So, dear marketing people or whoever does this. Stop insulting my intelligence and change you messages to be more self depricating. I suggest something like:

I’m sorry I was annoying you with my useless emails – I won’t do it again!

Or something like that.

Have a great day all!

Simon 🙂


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