Standing atop the mountain


I never took this picture, but I have stood in more or less this same place, Catbells near Keswick in the Lake District is only a small mountain but it’s a great little one.

It can be walked up in a few hours without breaking much of a sweat and it yields some amazing views of the surrounding hill, valleys and nearby Derwent water.

Its funny to think I’ve been there now, felt the breeze, smelled the air and seen those sights. It seems like a dream of long ago…

Simon 🙂


9 thoughts on “Standing atop the mountain”

  1. Hi Simon, Thank you for looking over at my blog, and thank you for the follow, it is much appreciated. When I used to visit the UK The Lake District was one of my favourite places to visit, so it certaily brought memories for me thank you


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    1. You’re welcome on the follow, I need to look at your blog more Brooke as I liked a lot of what I saw.
      Where’s was it you visited in the Lake District, it’s one of the most beautiful parts of the UK and it’s good to talk to someone who’s been there. Where are you from?


      1. Hi, I was born in Chester, and the lakes was always a favourite of mine, however I have lived in Spain for the last 35 years…I used to visit my parents but as they are not there now, I hav’nt been to England for a while. And you?

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