A Week in the Planet Simon Blog

It’s goodbye to another week, a week where I have been at home and alas have not had chance to spend much time with you my great bloggies. I have been able to catch up with some of you, but all all for which I’m sorry and I will try and make it up to you as I get back to a ‘normal’ routine over the next few weeks.

Over this week, I have had the chance to do a little of this though… not a lot, but a little.



Simon 3

But looking at this week, we’ve had the usual mix of music mostly from Pink Floyd but also one from Baz Lurman’s track on the benefits on sunscreen.





I managed to get out a blog battle this week, with a story about a mysterious spaceship and a curious time effect affecting the crew of the Tycho who were investigating. It’s once again the start of something bigger:



I’m a big collector of awesome pictures that aren’t mine. I put some of these into some posts about the beauty of the Earth and the Universe:



The on a lighter note, I’m using the Minions to give us all some inspiration:



A couple of posts on peaceful times and the wet weather inspired some writing in me, both a little on the poetic side:




I must mention a few bloggies and posts this week. A friend of mine has only recently started blogging and has self published a book, more about this is here:



Polomi wrote a post that I liked on how much employees should matter to a company, having been on the sticky end of a few companies over the last few years. I made some comments on my personal experiences, but this is a good post.



Along with this there’s Sacha Blacks FAQ’s on the Bloggers Bash:



Finally there is Niki’s Meet and Greet that you simply HAVE to look up!



That’s it for this week – I hope you liked this weeks’s posts I have to work my little butt off to schedule in a load for the coming week / month to give me some writing time.

Simon 🙂


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