Planet Simon weekly roundup

So here we are it's Friday! TGIF!!!! Even better is that this is a long weeken with the May bank holiday and so it's three days off and a short week next week! Some of you may have notices, new header image templates and a new look. If not take a look: Let me... Continue Reading →


Dwarf Planet MakeMake has a moon

In the outer regions of the solar system beyond Pluto is a region called the kuiper belt, a stellar junk yard of debris left over from the creation of the solar system. It's out here that we suspect comets come from. Also out in this region is  one of five known dwarf planets called MakeMake.... Continue Reading →

Lies Men tell Women

I saw a post the other day that inspired me to write this - I hope you enjoy it, it's nothing serious and it's meant to raise a laugh! Lies men tell women: You have nothing to worry about darling, the secretary is 50. No, your bum does not look big in that. Of course... Continue Reading →

Lies Women tell Men

To go with the "Lies Men tell Women" post I thought it a good idea to put the other point of view on! Sorry ladies, you're going to be hating on me for this - but it's the male perspective: I saved money on these shoes. I only bought one pair darling. Yuk - I... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 5

The small capsule was racing it's way back to the terminal room they had all come from, they had just passed back though the cavernous internals of the Titan and were now back in tunnel, it wasn't long now and they would arrive. Seanna was sat there, arms crossed and had said nothing on the... Continue Reading →

Planet Simon Weekly Roundup

So it's the end of another wekk, another week of work and the trials of life and to be honest the way I feel right now is perfectly illustrated in the header image of this post. I won't go into details, but let's say the world is a hateful place sometimes. I'm hoping I can... Continue Reading →

Nominations for Bloggers Bash Awards Are Now OPEN!

There are so many great blog out there – who will you nominate?

Sacha Black

Who Nominate?

We are finally on the count down to the bash, peeps.

I am so excited I really ought to be wearing a sports bra what with all the bouncing up and down.

So far we have announced the totally-off-the-chart-gorgeous venue here. Then we announced our blogger extraordinaire and guest speaker Luca here.

But now, now after months of waiting I can officially say, that nominations for the bloggers bash awards are


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My 500th follower!

  I have just got this! Yay!!!! 500 followers... 500 people who have pressed that little button. 500 of you that have changed my life and actually take an interest in what I'm doing!!! Thank you all! The offending 500th follower is a young chap called Adam who has a blog called adamdixonfiction he's constantly writing fiction... Continue Reading →

The Titan Mystery – Part 4

The Titan Mystery Just them Seanna had a message come through on the intercom. It was McKinley. "What's your progress? Any update?" Seanna froze for a second and looked round at the team who were staring back, all of them thinking the same thing. "The target got away commander" Seanna hated to lie to McKinley.... Continue Reading →

The Treasonous Ways of Men Are On My Mind

Have a look at this post from Rachel Ritchey on her third book in the twelve realms series. She’s a great writer and definitely needs more exposure. Please read and support Rachael.

Simon 🙂

Rachael Ritchey

WORK IN PROGRESS!  WIP-ping it out here. haha

Okay, so this is totally first draft stuff, but I thought today would be a good day (sunny and bright) to share an excerpt from my current WIP, The Treasonous. This is the third book in the Chronicles of the Twelve Realms, and it’s coming together kind of slowly, but I’m loving the characters.

Map of the Twelve Realms Map of the Twelve Realms

If you will remember, Florian is one of the twelve guardsmen knights of High Prince Theiandar. He is from the realm of Wyeth. In The Beauty Thief we found out that he was raised south of Wyeth Castle. His nobleman father and his mother were killed when Florian and his sister were both young. They were told that raiders from Crescent Cave had murdered their parents, and they were sent to live with their uncle whose manor was near the castle. In…

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Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

As always it's been a busy week and I've been struggling to keep my blogging schedule. I'm hoping soon I can be delivering more of my own written content and new stuff to keep your interest peaked. I hope you've all had a good week - looking forward to another week of adventures next week!... Continue Reading →

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