Saving Mila is Live!

My friend who has recently joined the blogging world has just self published a book on Amazon called Saving Mila. I hope you can all have a look at the blog and see what you think – follow if you like and if it’s your thing support them.
I realise this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is I hope you can get behind them.

Simon 🙂

Writer Blake Jensen

My first book is now LIVE on every amazon marketplace worldwide!! I am so excited to release this first book in the Surviving Scarlett Series.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through all the hair-pulling stress and the chronic support you have given and continue to give me. Without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am and certainly wouldn’t have had the guts to put this live on amazon.

I hope you all enjoy!

Blake xoxo

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