Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup

Hi the bloggies, it’s Friday and I weekly round up time. It’s good Friday today, which means it’s the Easter weekend and I should be doing this:

Simon 11

But instead I’m:

Simon 14



Music this week has included mainly some tracks from someone who I think is a very powerful singer – Raign, but it’s also seen the start of a series of Pink Floyd:


I’ve been getting up to some stuff of my own including some baking and taking pictures of a chicken with the morning blues.

With this were a couple of life posts, hoping to inspire and help those who have gone through working with a bully:


Cadbury's Chocolate1


Along with all this fun and excitement there has been a bit of space going on and an IPhone life hack to entertain you.

I’ll be about over the nest few days, but I want to say happy Easter to all of you great bloggies. Don’t loose your teeth on easter eggs πŸ˜‰

Simon πŸ™‚



21 thoughts on “Planet Simon – Weekly Roundup”

      1. It is wonderful by now. Gorgeous spring weather today. Worked in the garden all afternoon and got most of it done. I also enjoyed my first ice cream of the season…. yes, a very good weekend so far 😁 Hope yours is going well too!

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