Do I have to listen to this?!?



Oh you love your water don’t you? With your stained glass which is hardly washed, always with some water in. The thing is, I don’t mind that, it’s the glug, glug sluuurrpp! As you down that water!

I’m not saying you should sip it like a lady, just perhpas drink slower, stop trying to suck the water from the glass at a rate that would put an industrial pump to shame. Seriously – I don’t want to hear it!!

There it goes again, glug, glug… the only thing I hate more is when the glass is nearly empty, when the slluurrrpp resonates round the room. Oh my days!!!! You seem to time it so when my earphones are off you then choose that moment to start! ARRGGHH!!!!

Neither do I want to hear after after I’ve been subjected to this audiable vommit “Ahhh – the best drink ever!” I don’t want to know! Enjoy it quietly and to yourself. Pleeaase, the the sake of my sanity!

This is a funny little rant / story taken from real life office experiences.

Simon 🙂


13 thoughts on “Do I have to listen to this?!?”

  1. Haha, I never really noticed! The only thing I find annoying in the office experiences is that some people talk loudly and I can not concentrate… Lucky me that I get to work from home sometimes.. 🙂 A funny observation you made here! 🙂

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  2. LOL!!!! I have a co-worker that squeezes the water bottle into his mouth while full on sucking it in at the same time, then pumps the water bottle so you get the crackle, crackle sound of the plastic being compressed with the swoosh of the water being jetted out and the slurp and gulp as it gets vacuumed down. in other words, i can relate to your justified annoyance of the loud water drinker.

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  3. Back in the 1970s bottled water was the statement of rebellion. Now apart for being a very handy thing to carry about, unhappily is also being used as a fashion statement. “Look at me, how healthy I am! I positively slosh with goodness”.
    (Don’t forget the ones who drink it while on the move, to show how very busy their lives are- and nearly getting knocked down ‘cas they’re not looking at the road but the furshullginer bottle)
    This of course is rank heresy; the only drink one should be allowed to drink nosily and with comment, is a good old British Cuppa tea (with sugar). Of course all those other cultures can make a fuss over their coffee(s) if they wish; they haven’t made the necessary cultural advance.
    Have to go now, my wife says it’s time for my meds.

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