Methane Snow on Pluto’s Peaks

Pluto -snow mountains

Thi sinteresting piece on a 450KM long mountain range on Pluto has peaked my interest. The bright snowy top is thought to be Nitrogen ice and snow which has fallen on the peaks. When the scale of this image in considered and that New Horizons was 21,000KM away when this picture was taken the size of these mountains must be huge!

I also thought about this – if a Plutonian dweller was standing on the mountains on that day and looked up – they might have seen streaking across the sky the lone visitor passing by, humanity’s calling card as it were. They might have thought about where it came from, and where it was going, would the visitor ever return?

Full article here: (No ownsership claimed on images or material)

Simon 🙂


13 thoughts on “Methane Snow on Pluto’s Peaks”

      1. Not usually my political scene, but I have this hope that the urge to make profits and trade will see something comparable to the 16th/17th centuries exploration eras will drive us on
        (though without the slavery-you never know who is out there)

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      2. The economics of space exploration have been proved aover and over again, these governments can just make money appear when they want so putting that money into something useful like space exploration is a must. But it would be good if the whole world would just put down the damn guns.

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      3. Its a good dream. Why not? Even me at my tender age am too old to go up, but I would love to help get these guys and girls up, as well as the probes and other kit.

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  1. This is very cool. I’d love to learn more about the atmosphere of other planets. I recently learned Mars is extremely cold, which makes sense but I’d always pictured it as hot. Probably because it’s red.

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      1. Yes, that made complete sense when I thought about it… I had just pictured it differently, because red=hot.

        We were supposed to have colonies on these planets by now, lol

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