Music – Audiomachine – Millenium

My interest in music without vocal began when I was growing up and grew with movie sound tracks. After finding Two Steps from Hell, I also stumbled upon Audio machine and I will be presenting a sample of their work over the next couple of weeks.


Simon 🙂



10 thoughts on “Music – Audiomachine – Millenium”

      1. Hi Simon! Okay, so is “playing up” like acting up, misbehaving? I’m pleased to hear that you’re good and thank you, I have been having a lovely weekend. The weather forecasters were right, we had a storm last night and are to have more rain this evening. Right now it is bright and sunny, but quite windy. You will see me this week, I’ve been working on “The Playlist Shuffle” ha-ha! I’m never very fast at doing things, but that’s just me, I make a total project out of everything! So you are very interested in NASA and the goings on in space I see. The articles you post are quite interesting. I really liked the idea of tectonics taking place on Pluto, fascinating! Please enjoy the rest of your day! Take good care. ~ Mia

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      2. Playing up is misbehaving. You got that OK.. lol
        Its not a big thing to be slow at what you do, it’s the love and attention that’s put into it. I’m looking forward to hearing your shuffle.
        I’m into all things space and I’m a bog scifi geek. Is that something you’re into? But going back to Pluto, there are so many interesting things going on with Pluto I watch for updates all the time.
        Ill see you soon I hope Mia, you’re really nice, I like you. You enjoy yourself too. Si

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      3. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the post, I guarantee it won’t be what you expect, ha-ha! Actually you would probably get a better idea of the music I like from my regular posts, I always include a music video that is somehow relevant to the writing.

        A sci-fi geek! Ah, I see, how do you feel about Pluto no longer being considered a “Planet”, but rather a “Dwarf Planet”? Our own solar system is fascinating, that’s for sure! I love science and math, but my interests are more on a molecular level and the development of different types of energy. Actually quite boring for many, ha-ha!

        Thank you Si, I like you too and you’re very nice as well. Always a delight to have a brief chat with you! See you soon. ~ Mia 🙂 


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