This is a blog battle story for Rachael Ritchey’s weekly blog battle. I thought I would go all Victorian and detective for it.

Sherlock Holmes and the case of the kidnapped daughter

I trudged slowly up the stairs, weary from his fact finding mission that Homes had sent him on. The daugter of a local business man had been kidnapped with no trace of her wherebaouts being found, I hoped the telegram I had in my hand would yeild better news. Just before I reached the door to the rooms of 221B I stopped, listening for anything Holmes might be doing. It was silent. Opening the door I waved my hand in front of me as I was met with a cloud of smoke, Holmes was sat in his chair with the look of the grave over his face.

“No news then Holmes?” I asked couging, Holmes sat there for a moment, saying nothing.

“Do you have have the telegram?” He asked evetually. I handed it to him as he reached out his hand, his thin fingers making him seem older than he was. The last few days had been difficult for Holmes and he hadn’t eaten in this time.

“Here, I haven’t read it as you instructed”

“Thank you Watson” Holmes took the telegram and unfolded it, taking more time than usual to read it. Suddenly his eyes lit up.

“This is good news Watson, it seems despite my best efforts and skills we have merely stumbled upon the answer to this most curious case. I’m sorry to be a burden my friend but I must ask you again to run an errand for me.” At hearing this I groaned, I was hoping to be able to get some refreshment as it was nearly 4 o’ clock in the afternoon and breakfast had been so long ago.

“Please could you go to Inspector Lastrade and tell him to send a couple of burly constables to this address, tell him they are to wait until 6 0’clock before entering the house. Tell him that the daughter of Mr Thurlow will be there. I would also like the presence of the inspector here if you please” Holmes had been scribbing down the address as he had been instucting me. I took the note and left the room. Holmes himself was putting on his coat, he seemed to have his own errand to run, this made me feel a little better about my discomfort as I would not be leaving my colleague to his thought while I was gone.

I returned to the flat with the inspector in tow, he was curious to know about Holmes thinking and would not stop talking about it on the way back. I was finally glad to put in in front of his tormentor. Holmes was standing in front of the fireplace puffing away with a gleeful sneer on his face.

“Homes!” Lastrade bellowed out. “I hope you’re going to tell me what’s going on!”

“All in good time inspector, why don’t you take a seat and pour yourself a brandy, I dare say at this hour it would be welcome. The cigars are open on the table as well, do help yourself my good man.” Content with the thought of brandy and a cigar the inspector sat himself down and made himself at home. “Come Watson, you make yourself confortable as well, I dare say that the day’s exertions have taken their toll on you.”

It was just as I sat down that there was a knock at the door, Holmes just called out ” Come in Mr Thurlow” The door opened in in walked Mr Thurlow who had been here only a few days before to tell us about his kidnapped daugter and the letter he had demanding money for her return.

“Welcome Mr Thurlow, do come in, you will of course remember Dr Watson and this is Inspector Lastrade”

Looking pale, Mr Thurlow replied “I instructed no police to be involved!”

“Calm yourself Mr Thurlow, you will see shortly why I had to engage the the services of the good inspector” Sitting down Mr Thurlow was not looking comfortable. His look became even more distressed at the arrival of the next guest. He emerged after knocking, I didn’t need Holmes’ deduction to work out that he was a local post delivery officer.

“I’m looking for a Mr Holmes. Which one of you gentleman would…” He stopped mid sentence as he locked eyes ever so briefly on Mr Thurlow.

“I am Sherlock Holmes” Holmes announced.

“I got this note asking that I should attend this address at 6 o’clock. Your note didn’t give me much time. What am I doing here?” The post officer’s mood was becoming rapidly aggressive.

“I needed you here for two reasons Mr Brinkley” Holmes began “The first reason was for you to verify to me that you indeed know Mr Thurlow here, from the looks on your faces I see this is the case”

“Mr Holmes, I’ve never seen this man in my life!” Mr Thurlow protested.

“Please don’t muddy the situation with more lies Mr Thurlow, you and Mr Brinkley here have been staging your own daughters kidnap” As Holmes was talking Lestrade walked towards the door, two other police constables joined him. One of them whispered into his ear and Lestrade nodded.

“Mr Brinkley was the key to this singulalry interesting case as he was able to divert letters and telegrams going to you from the fake kidnap address, to the real address which happens to be his gome. The ingenious twist of using your similar addresses has to be admired. You Mr Thurlow live 107 Maple Road and you Mr Brinkley live at 107 Maple Terrace. These addresses are merely a 10 minute walk apart.”

“Miss Thurlow has been found as is bing looked after Mr Holmes.” Lestrade informed Holmes. At this the post officer ran for the door, trying to push the constables away. The constables pushed ushing him to the floor and cuffed him. Mr Thurlow was sobbing in his hands, he know it was over and kept muttering about what he was going to do now. The constables led the men away with Lestrade following. A few moment later and the room was quiet again.

“How did you work out that they lived at the same addresses Holmes?”

“It was simple my dear Watson, in our first meeting Mt Thurlow slipped up, at the time I missed it but something about the whole situation wasn’t right. I dawned on me when I saw the address on the telegram for Mr Thurlow. Which stated Maple Terrace, not Maple Road.”

“What was the point of the two addresses though?”

“It was simple Watson, there was no point except to confuse. The real crime was that Mr Brinkley could intercept post control the letters going to and from the kidnapper, who didn’t really exist as I suspect Miss Thurlow knew nothing of this, save to say she was being held in a strange house and not allowed to leave. Both men were hoping to get money from the kidnap demand, with the kidnapper essentially vanishing. It nearly worked too Watson.” Pulling his pipe out Holmes lit up with puffs of smoke filling the room again.

© Simon Farnell 2016


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