On calm waters

I close my eyes and dare to imagine Letting the chaos of the day melt away Imagining a boat on a sea far away The cool and quiet of the setting sun and the wind so gentle filling our sails on reach. The lapping water, the sails waving gently with creaking timbers the only disturbance. … Continue reading On calm waters

The beauty of the universe

I often put up a space post with some awesome pictures, but this one is more about the beauty of the universe. I've got these pictures I've saved from all over the place and I wanted to share them as a simple set of pictures that show the universe's beauty. Simon 🙂

Saving Mila is Live!

My friend who has recently joined the blogging world has just self published a book on Amazon called Saving Mila. I hope you can all have a look at the blog and see what you think – follow if you like and if it’s your thing support them.
I realise this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, but if it is I hope you can get behind them.

Simon 🙂

Writer Blake Jensen

My first book is now LIVE on every amazon marketplace worldwide!! I am so excited to release this first book in the Surviving Scarlett Series.

Thank you to everyone who supported me through all the hair-pulling stress and the chronic support you have given and continue to give me. Without you all, I wouldn’t be where I am and certainly wouldn’t have had the guts to put this live on amazon.

I hope you all enjoy!

Blake xoxo

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Happy Easter Bloggies

Happy Easter to all my bloggies. Have s great day. Come by and say hi and join in the virtual Easter egg hunt (there are no eggs hidden anywhere, it's just en excuse for you to come by and say hi!) Simon 🙂