Music – Survivor – Eye of the Tiger

In the last music post on the music I grew up with, I’m finishing with The eye of the tiger…. still a great tune after all this time.  Shame about the video… ;-P


Simon 🙂


25 thoughts on “Music – Survivor – Eye of the Tiger”

  1. Great song. Does not date (I think we have the vinyl LP somewhere). Yeh the video is a classic (?) example of ‘The Band Walking Tall Looking Stern Then Miming’ school. Strangely enough these are still about today; must be the Budgetary Constraints syndrome….Ah well we can’t expect a Bowie ‘Ashes To Ashes’ or Ultravox ‘Vienna’ every time. (Or ‘Fox on the Run’ by Girlschool in the Cheerfully Exuberant Category)


      1. Yes, we can!!! It is a choice what you think. Unconscious thoughts are simply habits. Start observing yourself about what you think all day. Then pick just one area for the beginning and change them consciously towards the direction you want them to lead you. Keep observing you and whenever you catch you falling back into the old habit edit your thoughts immediately. It needs practice in the beginning. But a habit is only a habit. And we can change habits ☺

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