The meaning of British Politeness

I saw this and I had to share… we can be so reserved.


Simon 🙂

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  1. Haha. I am so fascinated by your culture. I grew up in Jamaica, a former British colony so I don’t know if that’s why. But I still love the novels written by your authors. Right now, I am reading my way through JoJo Moyes’s books and loving the dialogue and descriptions of things that are so different from what I have here.

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  2. what we say versus what we mean …… like me for instance, when someone asks me for a favour, and I say will think about it, I am not even considering it, what I am thinking is a reason to not do it, and how to put it across as politely as possible

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    1. Oh I see… I could do that. I’m assuming you’re one of our American cousins? You’ll have to let me know which words confuse you and I’ll add more to make an American friendly translation guide ;-P

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      1. I am thank you, I have a bit of a cold but I’m getting through. I know that sometimes our English eludes you guys… so I will do my best to make it clear. Do you want to send the list on comments here or email?

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      2. Sad to hear about the cold, I hope you will be 100% soon. Let me get a list together, I never bothered to keep track, so as I come across some of these fabulous words I will put them all together!

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