Human Outpost Near the Moon?

Those of you who are regulars to my blog know that I love a bit of space news. Some of it is a bit far off, some of it isn’t. When I stumbled across this  piece about a human outpst near the moon I wasn’t sure where to put this. On the one had we keep talking about going back to the moon and dont, but considering the rising interest in manned space missions and it’s eventual inevitablity it makes sense.

Launching space missions is increadibly expensive, forgetting the cost of the hardware and training the people launching a rocket from the Earth costs a fortune. This is becasue of the cost of getting an object out of the sticky fingers of Earth’s gravity. Lauching somehting from the moon or off the moon will be far cheaper as the is a bit less gravity to consider. What this meanreally looking into my version of the furture is that before we can launch a manned mission to Mars we need to have some kind of moon base.


This kind of project would also be a necessary dry run for many of the systems and processes that would be needed for a Mars mission. The outpost is intended to be fairly self sufficient with minimal ground support. So what this also means is that finding ways that can be used to produce spare parts could be tested and with the intention of operating robots on the moon perhaps autonomous processing and manufacturing on the moon with extraction of oxygen and fuel being tried out as well? The universe is the limit here and while this is intended to be simple and less complex that ISS what is achieved here is the first step to humanity living in space permanently. This is the first small and shaky step towards the planets and eventually the stars.

I hope it happens, I think it needs to happen.

Simon 🙂

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8 thoughts on “Human Outpost Near the Moon?”

  1. Very interesting. Although when this does happen (I won’t even say if this happens) can you imagine what all of the conspiracy theorists will say? “NASA just got bored of faking launches, so now they will pretend that it is on the Moon and all that we will be able to see is some edited transmission.” Although I have to admit that this is a pretty cool concept.

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  2. Moon base is first before men go to Mars. It’s easier toput men ( plural ) on the moon , and stay there for a while. They’ll get a lot more volunteers because they know they can go back to earth and be with their families again…. not so , for mars. It’s like a life sentence without the possibility of parole, or a death sentence.

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