Solar System: 5 Things to Know This Week

5 Things to know about the solar system this week, from robot selfies to comet close ups. There’s always a lot going on that we can’t see.

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on material – Credit NASA


7 thoughts on “Solar System: 5 Things to Know This Week”

  1. Ha! Number 5 is obviously one of those fakes! If you wear a pair of cheap sunglasses smeared with a 2mm thin layer of bits-free strawberry jam, hold you head at an angle of 45 degree to the left then after 60 seconds you will see in the so-called astronaut’s visor the reflections of three armed men and a cleaning lady Mrs Zubellegn (who died for no ‘apparent’ reason at the age of 102).
    I would tell you a lot more but I must make the hourly check of my tricycle for planted explosives

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      1. Err..sorry that was my heavy-handed satire on the Conspiracy Theory folk who insist the whole moon landings programme was a fake. I personally think the photo is incredible, shame the funding never continued. But in human context colonisation has been at times stop-go-start-go

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