Clean Technology vs Sustainable

This is one of the things that gets right up my geeky nose. The idiocy surrounding clean and sustainable technology. This is not something I hear a lot about, but there are some things in this that will surprise you and maybe shock you about the supposed ‘clean’ and sustainable technologies there are out there.

Bio-degradable – Sounds easy right? You throw it away or even down on the floor and it rots. That’s good right? It is until you know that bio degradable plastics will only degrade  when subjected to high temperatures in the region of about 100 Celsius. The reason for this is that bio-degradable materials are meant to be thrown into compostable waste where they’re thrown into a huge industrial composter which get hot enough for them to degrade.

Don’t tell you that do they?

Electric cars – The amount of times I hear people say they their fancy electric car is great, clean and makes no emissions. Sure the car itself doesn’t emit any CO2, but what about the electricity that was used to charge it.

The other thing is don’t get me started on how much energy is used to make these electric cars, especially the battery. But don’t let me put you off, electric cars are the future, but don’t be naive thinking is more or less grew on a tree.


Solar panels – The chemicals used in the semiconductor foundries where solar panels are made are in no way environmentally friendly. In some cases they’ll kill a human in no time. A solar panel will lose 5% operating efficiency every year that it’s in use and no-one seems sure that they actually generate more energy over their life than was used to make them. These are the facts that are kept from the users of the solar panel, in addition to this solar panels work best when cooler. This means when the sun is out and giving loads of light they’re not working at peak efficiency.



Lightweight materials – Lightweight materials are a good idea to make things like cars lighter and save energy. But what has been used to make them? How much energy went into creating them? These snippets of information will likely shock the eco tech warrior.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t use these new technologies, it’s a step in the right direction. But if you want to be sure about the eco credentials of a technology, then think about it, find out more. There is no silver bullet to the green tech problem and saving the planet, not yet. Every technology has it’s trade off’s and the people pushing them will not know or won’t tell you some of the uncomfortable truths about them.

In some cases the uncomfortable truth’s are the real eco friendly choices. Like keeping your old car running is more eco friendly than buying a new one. Nuclear power is the cleanest way we can produce mass electricity and the real problem is that we use and throw away too much of everything. The truths close to home are the ones that make the real difference.

Have a great day.

Simon 🙂



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  1. I drive an electric car, but it is because it is so cheap to operate. Producing the batteries isn’t exactly clean technology. In the longer run, I think that green algae based biofuel is likely the best option for future transportation.

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    1. I would drive a chaep car if I couldd, becasue you’re right – it’s very cheap. There’s nothing wrong with it at all, but there are many that think that their electric car is ‘clean’ when the reality is that the unclean bit has been moved up the energy supply chain.
      It’s just a point I’m trying to make… call me old and grumpy lol
      What car have you got?


      1. I drive a Leaf. I keep hoping that Elon Musk will send me a Telsa with the self driving feature (if not for me, think of the other drivers, Elon!) but thus far he hasn’t answered any of my messages.

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  2. I could not agree with you more Simon. People forget that their electricity has to come from somewhere and right now fracking is providing much of that in many parts of the US where there is cheap natural gas. The last time Krakatoa had a major eruption it created weather change, air pollution on a scale we have never seen and general devastation. Of course we should recycle, not pollute or use less stuff… Greed and population explosion is our worst problem and getting an electric vehicle will only make you feel better .

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    1. You’ve hit upon a few good points here. Greed and population is one of them. I totally hate this throwaway attitude with anyhting but with phones in particular. What can’t these keep going and just get re-used, it’s only so the latest features can be sold. We won’t stop it if don’t stop this want for always the next best thing.
      But Krakatoa is another good point. They say the effects of it lasted 100 years. Which if that’s the case, perhaps the warming we’re seeing is becasue the effects of Krakatoa have been wearing off? Makes you think…

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  3. Interesting and distracting post …hmmmm yep …even the ‘Eco trade’ is about fat profits

    Interesting what you say about solar and agree that anything plastic is NOT biodegradable

    Not sure about nuclear tho ….makes me think of Japan …isn’t the leak from that reactor STILL boring it’s way to the earths core?

    And what do you reckon to wind and wave power?

    Hmmmmm ….I reckon biofuel might be the way to go …pooh is in plentiful supply …formed into pellets to fuel your wood burning stove …heat, hot water AND cooking … can run engines on it too …tuk tuks in India have been tried with some success …and am pretty sure there’s a ‘pooh bus’ in operation somewhere in the uk ( may need to google to double check that one tho:D

    But YES ….pooh has a myriad of uses …from a house building, insulation material, paper products, clay to form into pots etc to biofuel from which to run your home or your vehicle

    Hmmmm maybe just needs a little imagination( and social engineering to remove stigma) and someone with sound business acumen to tap into this versatile and freely available natural resource:D:D:D

    Disclaimer …I think it is actually animal dung that has been used thus far but no reason why it couldn’t be human is there?

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  4. Oh, not just me then
    It would be interesting to get representatives from every group which tells us why one form of energy production is bad, lock them in a large room and say ‘You’ll only be let out when you reach a consensus’.
    Many have grown so used to the global reach of their media and travel services that they seem to have overlooked the fact that we are still a small(ish) island which is not energy self-sufficient.
    Time is running out people; those Phones, Tablets, Laptops, TVs and ‘other stuff’ an’t gonna run on the hot air being generated over what is ‘bad’ energy production, or (the one which really steams me) spoiling the view.
    (I suppose we could take the advice from Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to The Galaxy and ‘keep banging those rocks together’)


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