Naturallandscape with manmade additions

I don’t know if I find wind turbines beautiful or ugly… I do find them interesting.

Simon 🙂


23 thoughts on “Naturallandscape with manmade additions”

  1. I think they have a certain strange elegance. And I like what they represent – a source of cleaner energy for us. Add I definitely like them better than those steam chimney things coming from coal stations.

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  2. I like windmills but I don’t have any close to me. I think I might feel differently if they were close to where I live.
    My parents have huge windmills close to where they live in Jamaica and it interferes with the cell reception (or something like that)

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  3. I didn’t like them at first, but the more I’ve seen of them, the more I’ve watched them, the more I’ve come to appreciate them. They are elegant and sleek. From a distance they are silent, and I know they are useful. They look like they turn slow, but really they are spinning so fast. They’re huge, monstrous even, and intimidating in their power. Yeah, I kinda just think they’re awesome.

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    1. They can’t spin too fast, otherwise they break apart. The reason is becasue it’s not hard for the tips to be travelling after than the speed of sound where the inner blade isn’t. That’s why they shut down in high wind.


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