The colours start to return

I have been walkiing out into the garden ofer the last few days, looking everyday at the new colours sprinign up from the ground. It’s always good to see and a reminader that spring isn’t far away. The last few days have been colder, but the spring flowers don’t seem to mind much.


But I have one question for you all. It’s been well known in the UK that the daffodils have been out since around Christmas (not where we were, but I had seen them) but the Snowdrops and Crocus’s have only just come out.

So, bloggies – why is it that the Daffodils are early but the others aren’t? Obviously the trigger for the Daff’s has come early, but what is it?

Simon 🙂


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      1. Neither did I! When I have a regular bout of gloom about this country (as you do), it’s comforting to know that there are hundreds of groups out there all following positive pass- times, hobbies and interests which contribute to the general wealth of the culture and environment.

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  1. My snowdrops have been out for several weeks. They’re sheltered in the woodland. The daffodils have yet to flower but shouldn’t be far behind. Vinca major has been in full flower for a month.

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      1. Don’t tell everyone. I doubt they’ll be considerate enough to stop growing while I sleep for a month. Could get ugly. At least I’d have a something to eat.

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  2. WE have had Daffs out in full bloom in the garden for a few weeks now. No idea why but not complaining as sure sign spring is on the way. Crocuses just appearing to shot now.

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  3. There’s snowdrops and daffodils on the university campus at the moment. My favourite flowers :). I’m glad they’re here early, the more I get to walk amongst them the better. But, I hope they don’t all die from the cold!

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