Misty Morning Walk

Not much in words here – Just Enjoy!

Simon 🙂


36 thoughts on “Misty Morning Walk”

      1. Those are just pictires off of my phone, nothing fancy. I t would be nice to be able to zoom in better. But I need to fancy camera like yours for that.
        Have you got any good shots lately?

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      2. There are really really good compact camera alternatives with absolutely insane zoom functionality. The reason I have a DSLR instead is because I like experimenting and the freedom of all the manual settings :).
        I went to Beverley on Valentine’s day and got some great shots of Beverley Minster. They’re in my most recent post :).

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      3. I would like an SLR to mess with too. I sued to have one back in the days of film and it’s cool messing with shutter settings, apertures and the like. What I would like to do for some night shots is be able to control the shutter (if they even have them now) and be able to hold it open for several minutes or more.

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      4. Yeah, that’s my next project too. My new lens is capable of capturing the moon, so I’m thinking of waiting for a clear night then photographing the moon and then using my other lens to capture star trails and what not. Exciting!

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