What is Ion Propulsion?

Space travel isn’t always about enrmous rockets powering humans or something to increadible speeds, sometimes a little nudge is all that’s needed to get something going in the right direction.

That’s where a cool little device called the Ion Drive comes in. It’s been about since the 1960’s and is still going today. This was a great little article on the Ion Drive, enjoy!

Simon 🙂

Credits: NASA


4 thoughts on “What is Ion Propulsion?”

  1. Even though you’re speaking in French. Or maybe Greek. I happen to think both languages are beautiful, even though I don’t understand them 🙂 translation: I love reading this stuff even if I don’t fully “get it.” ♡♡♡

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  2. I kind of understand it. It’s like I get to a point and feel like I’m missing a key piece of information. Always good to start to learn about something new though. 🙂

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