NASA’s Stunning IXS Enterprise a look at the destiny of space travel

I saw the picture abover you the other day and I was blown away. I was like “what is that?” I thought i was beautifual and amazing in the only way a geek can.


But the best was yet to come, while it isn’t (to my dismay) a real design for a starship it is one of NASA’s concept drawings for a potential starship. A real, human built starship that works on physical laws that bend space and time.

The manned craft sit within the rings, protecting them from the brain frying waves that are no doubt meant to be shot out by the rings and propel it to places we can only dream of… at the moment.

Although this isn’t real, it’s pretty inspiring, it’s the stuff that makes little boys and girls grow into the those people who will design, build and make this happen. It’s the stuff of dreams and stories and visions of what is to come. It’s exiting.

I hope they build something liek this within my life time, it when the human race come up with things like this that it shows it’s real potential.

Simon 🙂

None of these images are mine – but they are damn awesome!


13 thoughts on “NASA’s Stunning IXS Enterprise a look at the destiny of space travel”

      1. Using the historical record as a point of reference we should have done that at least three times over between 1946 & now; somehow maybe by luck more than judgement we don’t. Maybe it’s because we have this little nugget of sense buried deep inside and part of that nugget is the urge to get out there beyond this world?
        Just saying.

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      2. I think there is more sense than we giove ourselves credit for. Despite the cruelty that goes on in the world we seem to have some sense of survival. I hope it turns into a sense of peace and working toward better goals one day.

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  1. It would be so interesting to travel in space. Shoot, it’d be nice just to be able to travel this country, let alone different places in the world. I have a feeling that, when it is available, it’ll be much too expensive for regular folk like us.

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