The mysterious Floating Hills on Pluto


For this little space snippet we’re back to our mysterious liitle Pluto. So if I was to tlak toyou about icebergs, you might say so what? Kind of cool (pun intended), never want to see one, espeically if I’m standing on a ship called Titanic.

But what about having ice berg hiills 12 kilometers wide or long, floating on a sea of frozen Nitrogen? That is cold, very cold. I think I would need at least aother layer on and even then I would feel it. It’s the kind of thing that science fiction has dreamt up for some evil alien world.

The link to the full articl eis below, but I also found some other Pluto pictures I found and wanted to share, this is a world so barren and mysterious and yet like nothing else we’ve ever seen before.

Have a great day!

Simon 🙂


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