Music -Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights

I loved this song, I don’t know why – it was just the music. It led to a love of Kate Bush’s music later in life.


Simon đŸ™‚


17 thoughts on “Music -Kate Bush – Wuthering Heights”

      1. OK, then I got it right. Honestly….. I would not want to be anyone else, no animal, not even another person. It is amazing to be me! Sounds boring perhaps… but it is most exciting for me because I feel completely home within me.

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      2. It’s a good place to be Erika. I like being me, but the thought of being an eagle and flying throught the skies of a whale and swimming the ocean has an almost romantic sense to it.

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      3. It would only be nice to experience the feeling for a day. But I don’t want to have a whole lifetime like this. Much more threads around (humans) and less possibilities… but that’s just me đŸ˜€

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