Scorched Planet Part 4

I’ve not added anything to my scorched planet story for a while, so I thoght I would add the next bit on. I hope you like it, please don’t forget to have a look at:
for more short story treats, let me know what you think.

Simon 🙂



Continuing the scorched planet story where we left off – this is part 4 and things are getting ever more interesting. Find the first three parts here:

Part 4:

After a few minuted the figure walked towards them and motioned to the window.

“I can’t open it!” David shouted

The figure held out some kind of communicator and held up five fingers. His face was covered by a smooth metallic featureless mask, their black uniform had some kind of symbols on which David couldn’t make out. He pointed to the device again and held out five fingers. He switched the Rover’s communicator to channel 5.

“Are you here for them?” A man’s voice crackled through the speakers.

“What?” David half shouted back “Who are you?”

“I’m commander Hansen, I’ve brought them back for revival and re-integration. Have you come for them?”

David thought for a moment about…

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