A Tribute to Terry Wogan



I woke up on Sunday to the news that a broadcasting great Sir Terry Wogan had died. I’m still totally at a loss to his death, sure it had to happen sometime but not yet. I grew up with him on TV presenting Blankety Blank (showing my age here) but it was when I was driving to work that his personality really shone on the Wake up to Wogan breakfast show on the radio.

He brought the madness of the world to the forefront and mocked it in a way that made you laugh and think in a way that no-one else could. He could entertain almost an entire nation without the need for stupid features, quizzes and stupidity. He was intelligent and caring, during the dark times taking the listener through those time in a way that always made you smile. One of his favourite lines that always cropped up was that he would  be “Sat sitting” while doing something.

He will also free admit he was a menace to the driver, while reading the Janet and John stories it was hard not to laugh… and hard to see through the tears.


He delivered each and every one with the same ‘innocent’ charm, always dissolving into laughter at the innuendo and you couldn’t help but follow.

On top of this for many years he was the commentator on the Eurovision song contest, this brought out many of his best lines used while commentating, lines like:

“Who knows what hellish future lies ahead? Actually I do, I’ve seen the rehearsals.”

“It’s supposed to be bad. And the worse it is, the more fun it is.”

his fun for life and refusal to take things too seriously came out when commentating Eurovision. As such at times he wasn’t popular, but the British always loved his take on the craziness that is and always will be Eurovision.

Then as the cherry on the cake, for more years than I can remember he presented Children in Need and took a big part in raising money for a charity that has helped children all over the world. His contribution must have been immeasurable.


children in need

His sanity, humour and just Terryness will be missed by myself and no doubt countless others. The world is now that little bit darker, I doubt I will ever look upon his like again.

Rest in peace Terry – go and sit with doctor Wally and look down on the world and laugh. Share his heavenly cocoa – which no doubt tastes like chicken.




5 thoughts on “A Tribute to Terry Wogan”

  1. I too grew up with him. It’s a strange feeling, him not being around. Listening to him reminds me of my mum and as she died many years ago, it’s made me think slightly differently about everything. I know that nothing stays the same but right now, I want it to.

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