Over the weekend a quiet milestone came and went, I passed the 400 followers mark. As I usually do when this kind of milestone happens I give a mention to the poor soul – I mean the great bloggies pressed that follow button against my blog for the 400th time.

In this case a young lady called Innah was the lucky person and here blog is GIP Postcards , once again Innah thank you for being my 400th follower 🙂

So, as usual go and have alook at her blog, it’s a lovely little blog full of self made postcards and random thoughts.

Happy Monday to you all, see you about over the week!

Simon 🙂

Pacific Rim


As usual with films I was a bit behind when I saw this and it wasn’t at the cinema. But I wish I had.

The plot of this is uncomplicated, aliens attacking the Earth and the human race needs to stop them. Where the difference lies is that the aliens are coming from a portal at the bottom of the Pacific ocean and we as humans have created huge robots to fight them. Each robot has two human controllers, using their minds to control the robots function (one human can’t – it kills them).

Where the originality of this film lies is with the technology and the constantly adapting aliens, we still have a human council that seem incapable of seeing sense, the one person that defies them and find his own path to save mankind and the brash and headstrong hero who’s fighting his demons and trying to come to terms with their past.

It’s a metal grinding action packed, unsophisticated film with some really good little bits of humour and humanity in it. Apparently the Chinese really liked this film and saved it. I’m not sure I would want another though – it’s too much to expect us to like a second one of the same unless they find a way to give it a total re-vamp!

Simon 🙂


Human Outpost Near the Moon?

Those of you who are regulars to my blog know that I love a bit of space news. Some of it is a bit far off, some of it isn’t. When I stumbled across this  piece about a human outpst near the moon I wasn’t sure where to put this. On the one had we keep talking about going back to the moon and dont, but considering the rising interest in manned space missions and it’s eventual inevitablity it makes sense.

Launching space missions is increadibly expensive, forgetting the cost of the hardware and training the people launching a rocket from the Earth costs a fortune. This is becasue of the cost of getting an object out of the sticky fingers of Earth’s gravity. Lauching somehting from the moon or off the moon will be far cheaper as the is a bit less gravity to consider. What this meanreally looking into my version of the furture is that before we can launch a manned mission to Mars we need to have some kind of moon base.


This kind of project would also be a necessary dry run for many of the systems and processes that would be needed for a Mars mission. The outpost is intended to be fairly self sufficient with minimal ground support. So what this also means is that finding ways that can be used to produce spare parts could be tested and with the intention of operating robots on the moon perhaps autonomous processing and manufacturing on the moon with extraction of oxygen and fuel being tried out as well? The universe is the limit here and while this is intended to be simple and less complex that ISS what is achieved here is the first step to humanity living in space permanently. This is the first small and shaky step towards the planets and eventually the stars.

I hope it happens, I think it needs to happen.

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on work or images – Credit: Space.com



Clean Technology vs Sustainable

This is one of the things that gets right up my geeky nose. The idiocy surrounding clean and sustainable technology. This is not something I hear a lot about, but there are some things in this that will surprise you and maybe shock you about the supposed ‘clean’ and sustainable technologies there are out there.

Bio-degradable – Sounds easy right? You throw it away or even down on the floor and it rots. That’s good right? It is until you know that bio degradable plastics will only degrade  when subjected to high temperatures in the region of about 100 Celsius. The reason for this is that bio-degradable materials are meant to be thrown into compostable waste where they’re thrown into a huge industrial composter which get hot enough for them to degrade.

Don’t tell you that do they?

Electric cars – The amount of times I hear people say they their fancy electric car is great, clean and makes no emissions. Sure the car itself doesn’t emit any CO2, but what about the electricity that was used to charge it.

The other thing is don’t get me started on how much energy is used to make these electric cars, especially the battery. But don’t let me put you off, electric cars are the future, but don’t be naive thinking is more or less grew on a tree.


Solar panels – The chemicals used in the semiconductor foundries where solar panels are made are in no way environmentally friendly. In some cases they’ll kill a human in no time. A solar panel will lose 5% operating efficiency every year that it’s in use and no-one seems sure that they actually generate more energy over their life than was used to make them. These are the facts that are kept from the users of the solar panel, in addition to this solar panels work best when cooler. This means when the sun is out and giving loads of light they’re not working at peak efficiency.



Lightweight materials – Lightweight materials are a good idea to make things like cars lighter and save energy. But what has been used to make them? How much energy went into creating them? These snippets of information will likely shock the eco tech warrior.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that people shouldn’t use these new technologies, it’s a step in the right direction. But if you want to be sure about the eco credentials of a technology, then think about it, find out more. There is no silver bullet to the green tech problem and saving the planet, not yet. Every technology has it’s trade off’s and the people pushing them will not know or won’t tell you some of the uncomfortable truths about them.

In some cases the uncomfortable truth’s are the real eco friendly choices. Like keeping your old car running is more eco friendly than buying a new one. Nuclear power is the cleanest way we can produce mass electricity and the real problem is that we use and throw away too much of everything. The truths close to home are the ones that make the real difference.

Have a great day.

Simon 🙂


Happy Blog Birthday!

3 Year Anniversary Achievement


Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com!
You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago!
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging!
I got this today! Apparently it’s my blog’s 3rd Birthday. Happy birthday blog! It’s funny becasue only today I’ve been giving it a facelift etc and adding a gallery. I’m hopingto add some more pages for Minecraft screenshots, circuit pictures and perhaps adding a front page to my site. This could all be helpful in pulling together this blog and my writing blog
(shameful self plug I know but I’m not ashamed). I want to take the whole look and feel up a notch as this is not a blog specific to anything and it needs to reflect that.
On a similar note, the content of the blog is going to be changing shortly. I’ve been realising that I’ve been moving away from creating my own material. Which is a bit of a cheat really. I like the music, while I’m not sure I’m going to keep up with a daily music slot, I would like to keep something music related included. Any thoughts you have as my fellow and much loved bloggies would be useful. The whole point of all this is to try and make thig blog better, I’m nearly at 400 followers and while it’s not all about followers this is ultimately meant to be a platform from where I can lauch my work, in whatever form it takes and I need you guys if I ahve any chance of doing that.
Have a great day and I’ll see you all out there!
Simon 🙂

3 Day 3 Quote Challenge – Day 3

Thank you to Erika for nominating me for the Three Day – Three Quotes Challenge. This is the third time I’ve been nominated for this and I love taking part every time. This is the third and last day for this round, so I’ll try to make these a bit different.

Erika is a totally amazing woman who has such an amazing outlook on life. She is a constant source of encouragement and always surprises me with her tastes in music or… something about her. She teaches me all the time that it’s ok if I’m me, to me that’s a beautiful thing for one human to be able to do for another. So if you’re one of the few people who aren’t following here – go and have a look at her blog in the least and say hi. She’s amazing! 🙂

The rules for this challenge are as follows:

1  –  Thank the blogger that nominated you.
2 – Share one new quote on three consecutive days on your blog. They can be from anywhere, anyone, or anything.
3 – On each of the three days, nominate three more bloggers to carry on with the fun! No pressure; nominees are free to decline. I’m going to try and nominate three a day and in another twist put three quotes up (as I usually run out).






That’s it for this round. The last one in particular is always good advice. Make sure you follow it. Today I’m nominating:




I hope you enjoyed this little series. I certainly enjoyed putting it together.

Simon 🙂

Mum, can I have some more?

It was half term and Will was bored. He was once again playing on Minecraft and had been helping to build a huge house with waterfall around it to protect it.

“Mum! Can I have some chocolate?”

“No you can’t!” Will’s mum said. “You need to have some breakfast first!”

“Ok” Will said, returning to his game. A few clicks on his controller and he had thrown the water over the tall pole, watching the water cascading down in and over the house. He spoke into his mic “Hey dude, I’m going but I’ll be back!” Will took off the headset and put ir down onto the sofa where he had been sitting. Will walked into the kitchen where mum was.

“I’m hungry mum. What can I have to eat?”

“Well there’s shreddies, or weeto’s or if you like you can have some toast.”

Will looked up at his mum and smiled cheekily “Can I have some toat with butter on? Can you make it please?”

“Yes, you can have some toast” his mum replied, “but you can make it yourself”

“Oh!” Will complained, he popped some bread into the toaster. A few minutes later he emerged from the kitchen with toast, cut up apple and a raw carrot and set about eating it while he got back onto his game. It seemed the waterfall had now grown and had enveloped the not only the house, but the surrounding area, flooding out the farm where there had been cows and chickens and pigs.

A while later he was at the skate park, Will loved the skate park and was taking his scooter up and down al the ramps. Climbing up onto the half tube, he teetered on the edge, pausing before going down and then flipping back and forth up and down the tube.

“C’mon Will, it’s time to go” Will’s mum told him “It’s cold and I want to get warm”

“Can I stay some more mum?” Will pleaded.

“No Will, it’s too cold” Will’s mum pleaded back. In a flash of genius she added “Let’s get some sweets” Will came off the half pipe and scooted after his mum.

“How much can I have?” Will asked.

“It depends what change I have, let’s see when we get to the shop” Pushing the door open to the shop Will left is scooter outside and followed his mum in. “Here’s 20p Will” producing the coin from her pocket she gave it to Will. Taking it he looked over the shelves full of sweets, pausing at the lollippops he picked up a handful.

“Mum, can I have some more?”

“Hang on Will” His mum replied, reaching and digging into her pocket “Here’s another 20p” she said, handing it to him. Will stood there counting for a few seconds.#

“Thanks Mum!” he said and wandered off to pay, emerging a minute later, already sucking on a lollipop. It wasn’t long and they were back home again, the ever increasing Minecraft water house had now turned into a water park, farm and creeper battleground with random holes where they had exploded.

Dinner time came and went, Shepherds Pie was always his favoiurite and he was sitting there watching Horrid Henry, listeneing to his parents always telling Henry to not be horrid.

“Mum, can I have some icecream?”

“Yes, but go and get it yourself.” mumbling under his breath Will paused the TV and get up and spooned the icream out into the bowl. He scooped some out and ate it and again. He liked doing that, it meant he got more without mum knowing. Sitting down again he watched all that Henry got up to and was then told to clean his teeth. Mum got up and watched his clean his teeth, it made sure he didn’t make a complete mess in the process of cleaning them.

Will trotted up to bed and got changed, slipping under his superheroes duvet he snuggled down, it was snowing outside and Will could see the huge flakes falloing outside.

“Mum, can I have a story?”

Will’s mum sighed “Yes, which story would you like?” showing him some of the books laying about he said.

“No, no, that’s got a spider in it.” Then he smiled “That one” It was a Minecraft story book from Stampy Cat himself. Will’s mum sat down and read it, it wasn’t that long and in a few minutes it was over, along with Will’s day. His eyes were closed and he was breathing heavily, oblivious to the snow building up on the window sill outside and the curtains being closed. Will’s mum knew that she had a whole evening before she heard the words… mum… can I?

But tomorrow was another day… tomorrow he was going to see his Gran.

© 2016 Simon Farnell

No Ownership claimed on image

This story was written for Rachael Ritchey’s blog battle, the theme was Lollipops


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  3. PG (no more than PG-13) Content – let’s keep this family friendly!
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