Over the weekend a quiet milestone came and went, I passed the 400 followers mark. As I usually do when this kind of milestone happens I give a mention to the poor soul - I mean the great bloggies pressed that follow button against my blog for the 400th time. In this case a young... Continue Reading →

Pacific Rim

As usual with films I was a bit behind when I saw this and it wasn't at the cinema. But I wish I had. The plot of this is uncomplicated, aliens attacking the Earth and the human race needs to stop them. Where the difference lies is that the aliens are coming from a portal... Continue Reading →

Clean Technology vs Sustainable

This is one of the things that gets right up my geeky nose. The idiocy surrounding clean and sustainable technology. This is not something I hear a lot about, but there are some things in this that will surprise you and maybe shock you about the supposed 'clean' and sustainable technologies there are out there.... Continue Reading →

Happy Blog Birthday!

  Happy Anniversary with WordPress.com! You registered on WordPress.com 3 years ago! Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging! I got this today! Apparently it's my blog's 3rd Birthday. Happy birthday blog! It's funny becasue only today I've been giving it a facelift etc and adding a gallery. I'm hopingto add some... Continue Reading →

Mum, can I have some more?

It was half term and Will was bored. He was once again playing on Minecraft and had been helping to build a huge house with waterfall around it to protect it. "Mum! Can I have some chocolate?" "No you can't!" Will's mum said. "You need to have some breakfast first!" "Ok" Will said, returning to... Continue Reading →

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