NASA’s IBEX Observations Pin Down Interstellar Magnetic Field

This article is a bit more techie, I kind of understand what it’s saying but it delves into stuff that I couldn’t get while reading it. It sounds cool though and had some good pictures.

Basically it’s about finding out more about what intersteallar space is like. This is the space outside our solar system that exists between the stars. For obvious reasons this information is a bit sketchy and probably will remain so for some time.

Enjoy it anyway!

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed on images or material – Credit: NASA


artist concept of boundary region of our solar system


Music – Camilla Kerslake – As she walked through the fair

A number of years ago while driving to work, the tog meister himself Terry Wogan played an enchanting song by a new singer with a very beautiful voice. Her name was Camilla Kerslake and I fell in love with her voice then and there.

Waiting for her album to be released was rather agonising, but it was totally worth the wait. This week I will be putting on some of the tracks that she has sung, I hope you all appreciate them as much as I do.



Simon 🙂



Over the weekend a quiet milestone came and went, I passed the 400 followers mark. As I usually do when this kind of milestone happens I give a mention to the poor soul – I mean the great bloggies pressed that follow button against my blog for the 400th time.

In this case a young lady called Innah was the lucky person and here blog is GIP Postcards , once again Innah thank you for being my 400th follower 🙂

So, as usual go and have alook at her blog, it’s a lovely little blog full of self made postcards and random thoughts.

Happy Monday to you all, see you about over the week!

Simon 🙂

Pacific Rim


As usual with films I was a bit behind when I saw this and it wasn’t at the cinema. But I wish I had.

The plot of this is uncomplicated, aliens attacking the Earth and the human race needs to stop them. Where the difference lies is that the aliens are coming from a portal at the bottom of the Pacific ocean and we as humans have created huge robots to fight them. Each robot has two human controllers, using their minds to control the robots function (one human can’t – it kills them).

Where the originality of this film lies is with the technology and the constantly adapting aliens, we still have a human council that seem incapable of seeing sense, the one person that defies them and find his own path to save mankind and the brash and headstrong hero who’s fighting his demons and trying to come to terms with their past.

It’s a metal grinding action packed, unsophisticated film with some really good little bits of humour and humanity in it. Apparently the Chinese really liked this film and saved it. I’m not sure I would want another though – it’s too much to expect us to like a second one of the same unless they find a way to give it a total re-vamp!

Simon 🙂