Who is Rachael Ritchey?

Who is Rachel Ritchey?

Why do you as bloggies need to know?

Simple answer is Rachael Ritchey is a story person. She writes, them and encourages other to write them. She supports, helps and nurtures those who take up their metaphorical pen to write. Rachael runs the weekly Blog Battles where writers pitch against each other to write a 1000 word story that includes the key word for the week. If you’re a writer or want to write and don’t take part I strongly suggest you do as it’s very helpful for honing your skill and it’s fun!

captive hope

If you’re a reader of anything fantasy or a writer of anything at all you NEED to know. Rachel is someone who to me at least is inspiring, taking her writing passion and on her own getting her work out there. Her second book Captive Hope is to be released (according to her website) on the 22th of January… 8 days ago. What? You haven’t got it yet? Go, what are you waiting for? While you’re there get the Beauty Thief too. Seriously, these aren’t expensive and the work she has put into them has been immense, you’re getting a hell of a good deal for the price of one or two coffee’s depending on how many vanilla shots you have.

What I’m doing is not subtle, I’m helping her to push Captive Hope. I’m not ashamed, but Rachael being the kind of person she is will not blow her own trumpet – so I’m doing it for her. But if anything all I ask is this – go have a look at her site: http://rachaelritchey.com/

Go and see for yourself. How hard is that?

Simon πŸ™‚




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