WordPress, Will You Be My Valentine?

There’s a Rose on a mission here – give here a hand by having a look over her blog and following if you like! 🙂

Rosie Culture

So, Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. It’s pretty apparent that I’m going to be single this Valentine’s Day. I’m not too upset about it, it’s just an opportunity to treat yo self.

I’ve been writing down goals for myself recently. By the end of January, I’m hoping for 400 followers on WordPress. By Valentine’s Day, I’m reaching for 500 followers.

So, if you want to get me a Valentine’s Day present – this is what you can do! If you have ever given a small thought to reblogging me, linking back to Hookup Culture, or promoting my blog – now would be an awesome time 🙂 I am currently at 384 followers.

I’ve  been working really hard on building my following and I am soooo thankful for all the new bloggers that have come into my life recently, as well as the ones I have been in…

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8 thoughts on “WordPress, Will You Be My Valentine?

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  1. I will happily wander over and take a look but for me, trying to get more and more followers, is simply about aiming for as many friends as possible on Facebook and only interacting with 20 or so. I follow because I want to engage with people who share a common interest. I’ve been asked to follow or more politely, told to follow, this is a no-go area for me. What does it mean to have 500 followers? I’d rather have 40 followers who all, at some stage, engage in dialogue and constructive criticism.

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    1. I agree with this and it’s my approach too, I want to have an active audience interested in what I’m blogging. But people have different objectives and I’m willing to help people achieve them 🙂

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