Music – Led Zep – The Immigrant Song

Continuing this musical exploration of my rock playlist , it’s never complete without some Led Zep and with the fantastic Immigrant Song

Simon 🙂


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  1. Local news from 2 days ago: A 64 year old man with a saucepan on his head and wearing a 1970s sheepskin jacket turned inside out was escorted from the town’s Wetherspoons’ pub. It had been reported he had been striding up and down making high pitched noises and claiming he had been sent by the gods Paige & Plant to be an overlord. He was released from police custody after being given a cup of tea and a biscuit. His wife told reporters he was not available for comment, but that she had hidden the car keys and his bus pass (a figure could be seen out the garden picking up leaves with a pair of tweezers, and seemingly tied by one leg to a tree). Local staff at the Wetherspoons said they only odd thing they’d noticed was he’d been there for 5 mins and not ordered a drink, most locals having seen the Aston Villa FC scarf about his waist had thought ‘poor beggar, could happen to the best of us’. A Led Zepplin fan said they had reported him otherwise they would have done him a serious injury…… (It’s amazing how many leaves you can pick up with tweezers)

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