Quote – Stars can’t shine…



Simon  🙂


29 thoughts on “Quote – Stars can’t shine…”

      1. Actually yes! When we are not in that physical body we are spirit, we are light.. we all are! We know who we are but we cannot experience it. So we come here (or even other planets) in order to remember who we are and experience ourselves in so many more facets. 🙂

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      2. I agree regarding the whole picture. But believing that there is a bigger picture suffices to develop the necessary faith to go through life with a powerful and constructive perspecitive.

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      3. Yes, some people would say that your opinion means you cannot believe in God. I diagree with this as this kind of argument has started wars, how can that be loving like God wants us to be?
        I think the reality is we don’t know and how belief’s are all stitched together is both closer than we thought and further apart.
        I’m I talking weird?

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      4. No, no… that is actually great! We all believe something or in something. And for sure we all believe in a part of this whole picture. I believe that if we wants understand that we are all one we can combine all these belief puzzle pieces and therein might be the truth. We all are aspects of the whole and need to realize that in the end we have to become one again. We are already, but we also need to “believe” it again!

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      5. Exactly. I’m all in for believeing in God and was brought up as a Christian, but the concept that they were right over any other faith never sat right with me.

        I don’t know about you, but there will always be Christian elements in my faith, but I use the basic concepts to reach a more open and balanced conclusion that unites, rather than divides.


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