Music – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance

Continuing the look into my female artists play list, we’re going Gaga…

Simon ๐Ÿ™‚


41 thoughts on “Music – Lady Gaga – Bad Romance”

    1. This is where you surprise me again. For no reason at all I didn’t think lady gag would be your thing. I liked Bad Romance a lot, but Born this way and Edge of glory also stand out. ๐Ÿ™‚

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      1. YAY! My kids think differently, although my daughter already has less problems… lol! But I love it. It is exhilarating in summer driving with open windows and roof top and cranking my favorite power songs!!!

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      2. Haha…. no, not at all. I actually prefer big cars… oh, I love big cars! I am driving my “almost” dream car right now, a Dodge Durango Hemi. But my dream car is its big brother a RAM!

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      3. She was very young when she got famous. That left something. I remember when I was driving my daughter home from pre-school in Buffalo and ‘Hit me baby one more time’ was played on the radio we would sing along and kind of dance ik the car. A special memory.

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      1. Exactly! She’s the reason I still watch American Horror Story even though this season is kind of lame. I feel a kinship with Gaga, because we both have our moon in Scorpio which is a really hard and amazing place to have it. That’s where her crazy comes from, it’s also where her talent comes from and her darkness, which I love love love.
        Moon in Scorpio is probably why I write

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      2. This is interesting, im seeing your darker side or your love of dark things. Like the tree branches. I guess youre a little crazy like gaga then?
        Where i live the bats fly round you on the light evenings, is that something you would like to see?

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      3. Absolutely. That is exactly why I loved the pic with the branches! I’ve always been drawn to those things even though people don’t perceive me as being ” dark” unless they know me really well and see that side. We have bats where I live too, not as many but I see them flying overhead at night from my backyard. I do like them!

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      4. Seems like im findinding your ‘darker’ side. I think most people have it and hide it. I can image your bats are bigger, ours are like palm of your hand size and that includes the wings.

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