7 Facts that will make you feel very small

Everyone that follws me knows that I’m a big space nut. But I also have a philisophical side to me. This great litle piece frmo NASA fulfills both these two aspects. I’ve covered how small we are before, but at this time when the year ahead can seem daunting it’s worth remembering how small our problems really are.

Our time on this Earth is finite – a tiny speck in the great vastness of space. Live life to the full, don’t dwell on the past or worry about the future and seek always to help others. Surely this is the best way to live?

I hope this is interesting and maybe inspiring for you. Have a great day!

Simon 🙂

Credit: NASA





23 thoughts on “7 Facts that will make you feel very small

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  1. I agree and I think the same when gazing at the starlit sky. How much more is there around we will never even guess, how small are we but important enough for being granted our own place in this huge universe.

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    1. There is so much out there we may never know. But the striving improves usand helps us understand our place and one day hopefully will make us realise that the challenges in life are not between us, but in what we all want to achieve.

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