Reading my Son my Minecraft Stories

Over the Christmas break I found myslef short on books to read to my son at bedtime. So with a lttle anxiety I pulled out my teblet to read him some of my Minecraft stories.

This was not a mistkae as he enjoyed them. But oh brother, every gap and error in the story came out. It’s so funny, as I was reading I got:

“I would do that. I would have…”

“That’s not how you make an Iron Golum”

“Iron Golums are rubbish, they run off”

Although it was initially irritating and the plot was lost a bit on him I realsied one thing. I was engaging with him. I’ve always intended on writing more Minecraft stories and putting all of my stories out there to generate more interest. Watch this space – more Minecraft stories to come.

Simon 🙂

NOTE: No ownership claimed to picture. Credit – Mojang


22 thoughts on “Reading my Son my Minecraft Stories”

      1. 🙂 Creative mode (mostly) ; crossed my mind it would be easy to write down a narrative on survival as a basis for an epic fantasy – not necessarily m/c – Lord of the Mines? It’s a time synch – going to do more creative stuff instead, as the xbox1 upgrade is good for gameplay but not scenery….

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