The Enemy within the Rings

This story had been written for on of my blog battles, but in my usual way had bitten off more than I could chew. So this is the longer version of the story that I had originally envisaged: The Enemy within the Rings "Slowing the ship to enter Saturn's orbit" was Hudson's voice in Commander... Continue Reading →

Who is Rachael Ritchey?

Who is Rachel Ritchey? Why do you as bloggies need to know? Simple answer is Rachael Ritchey is a story person. She writes, them and encourages other to write them. She supports, helps and nurtures those who take up their metaphorical pen to write. Rachael runs the weekly Blog Battles where writers pitch against each... Continue Reading →

The Pink Earphones

I've written this as a story submission for Georgie Girl's writing competition. I hope you all enjoy it, it's a bit of a deviation from my usual stories: The Pink Earphones Working in an office has always been dull for me. Sure I love what I do, but I can't sit in the office all... Continue Reading →

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