The Yule Log


For weeks I had been threatening to make a yule log for Christmas day. This is a chocolate Swiss roll covered in chocolate butter icing.

The Swiss roll I had made before:

I then make chocolate butter icing and smooth this over to make it look log like.

This is sweet and yummy, best with double or clotted cream it’s a heart attack in a bowl. I know right now you guys probably don’t want to know much about this but this could be a new year treat too.

I hope you all had a good day and see you soon. In the meantime enjoy the thought of my Yule log.

Simon 😀


34 thoughts on “The Yule Log

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      1. You know me… I try. I need to turn my skills to something that works for me more, not someone else.
        How has your Christmas been my dear? I’ve not spoken to you for two days… was missing you lol

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      2. Awh… that is lovely, Simon. I will be less posting for the coming two weeks (only did one post today). But I try to read more posts therefore. The last two days were busy …. as they might have been for most of us 😀

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      3. I totally understand, Simon! I have 2 things I post daily and three things I post weekly… it is wonderful on one hand to have this routine and people know what to expect. But you also put yourself in a responsibility to keep it up. No problem ususally but when time is rare…. You know that you can schedule posts. So you can do many posts on one day but spread them over some days and are free for spontaneous posts.

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      4. Haha… you always make me chuckle…! I am fine thank you! Still celebrating Christmas, today with my mom. Other than that I am catching up with many things I planned to do during this time of my break now. But it all is a lot more relaxed. Hope you are doing fine too! Are you off tomorrow?

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