First Brit on ISS

It was with a lot of anticipation and probably not much fanfare that Tim Peake,the first British Astronaut set foot (probably more like floated) onto the International Space station.

Why is this so important though? I heard on the radio that apparently when he was due to lauch his son said to him “daddy I want to come with you” and that’s the thing. We as brits are a fairly conservative breed, we muddle along with what we have more than spending huge amounts of money on investing in tools to help us. We’ve not been involved much in space either and this shows. Slowly an surely we are getting more involved in the future, in space and this is another step for us – one that I hope will lead to great things and the inspiration of furture generations to “boldly go”.


New Crew Enters Station and Joins Expedition 46


Content curtesy of NASA

Simon 🙂


13 thoughts on “First Brit on ISS”

    1. Nope, not before. We tend to be a keep your feet on the ground and umbrella over your head kind of people lol… we’ve done a few space things, but not a lot, that’s why this is a big thing for us.

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