The Starling


On Sunday my daughter screams at me “there’s a bird out here” I could only think – that’s where it’s supposed to be. However it turns out a Starling had got it’s feet tangles in some ‘crap’ (there’s no other word for it as it was a collection of rubbish) and couldn’t fly.

Cutting a long story short I picked up the little fella (that’s the short version) and got the crap cut off his feet.


He decided to nip my finger for the entire time (as you can see here) but it was pretty cool helping out yet another little creature. As soon as it was cut off we let him go and he hobbled off rather than flew off – but hey. Hopefully now he’s flapping about with his mates.

Simon ๐Ÿ™‚


21 thoughts on “The Starling”

    1. This does happen sometimes. I have no idea why…
      When I was little I found a fledgeling blackbird that had escped it nest. I brought it up for months, feeding it and watching it grow. Unfortunately next doors dogs killed him when he got away one day.

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      1. Oh… I can’t help it but it reminds me of “Madagascar”… do you know that scene with the little bird when they all protected it and in the end when they thought it was save in the pond it was caught by a crocodile? Sorry, it is not funny at all after all the effort you made for that little bird….

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      2. It’s how the grepfruit squirts…. I know the scene and there’s numerious examples of this. I’ve heard about a seal being realeased to a group of officials, which was then promptly eaten by a Killer Whale.

        I was very upset at the time when my little bird died but on the other hand I couldn’t keep a blackbird indefintely. Thinking back I remember I used to put him on the ground and he would stand there and wait for me to dig up worms and throw them to him.

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      3. Perhaps, but it that kind of brings pre-destination into the mix. The problem I have with that is that if our lives are planned out then whatever we do to change it is futile and I don’t accept that.

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      4. I believe that it is a mix of both. There are some things which are meant to be and will happen no matter what. I believe that we ourselves set that plan up. But what is inevitable and what not… no memory about that. That is why I think we always need to act as we feel it inside, give our best, and try things out. Because how we reach whatever we are destined to encounter is always up to us. And sometimes we even signed up for more than one option…. a huge subject!

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