Sunday baking


Sunday evening was a little bake-a-thon. I made sausage rolls using pastry and sausage meat you would get from the supermarket. No frills, nothing fancy. Just great tasting and cheap – total ingredients cost ยฃ2. When you look at what the pre-prepared sausage rolls it’s very cost effective and more yummy – so I will be doing this again. The whole family like the idea of this too as these have been disappearing a quite a rate!



In addition – I took the cookie recepie from Claire Huston and added white chocolate chips and a few home grown (frozen since spring) raspberries in the mix – oh my god!!! They tasted good, my only criticism is there weren’t enough raspberries in the mix – but I have some for next time!

The good thing abou this is that the children don’t like the raspberry and white chocolate – great! more for me!!!!

Simon ๐Ÿ™‚



49 thoughts on “Sunday baking”

      1. Haha… I’ll have to do the full dry run soon I think. In reality the one for the day can only be made a day or two before. So I need the practice – soon my friend… soon!

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      2. he kind of does. he is struggling at university and unsure of his path! I tell him always, you have such a gift, fix the sink, changed my water heater element, makes turkish coffee, works outdoors fixing stuff for my folks, does creative stuff etc. It is a true gift! He does it all!
        I saw you put in your kitchen cupboards and I thought of my lovely boy!!!

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      3. Wow would love to see them. This might be silly or annoying so ignore if it is, but I don’t always see things in my reader and love to see your posts, if I don’t say anything and you want to, give me a nudge please! i do love your projects, baking bits, and writing! I am still running a household of 7 and looking for a job haha so I get a bit over loaded at times! thanks Simon!

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  1. Who doesn’t like raspberry and white chocolate cookies?! But, as you say, more for you! I’m glad they turned out so well for you, too ๐Ÿ™‚
    My mum makes fantastic sausage rolls. So much nicer than the ones you can buy and surprisingly easy to make.
    A very productive baking Sunday!

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  2. Sausage rolls and cookies both look delicious, Simon. I wonder why the kids didn’t like the white chocolate – or was it just the raspberries that put them off? They look wonderful to me. Have you tried making your own flaky or rough puff pastry for sausage rolls? It’s quite time consuming, and the bought stuff is great when you haven’t got hours to sprnd in the kitchen.

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      1. I wouldn’t bother, Simon. The packet pastry tastes no different. It takes ages to fiddle with the other recipes. I use the pre-made pastry a lot nowadays. I just wondered whether you had made them, that’s all.

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      2. Many of the TV chefs rely on premade pastry, so there’s nothing wrong in using it. It does make great sausage rolls, as you have poved. I was taught how to make puff and flaky pastry at school, and had to make it for years before packets of it became available. For busy people they’re fantastic. I always make my own shortcrust pastry, though. Habit, I suppose. Happy baking.

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