Christmas – How can it be different?

As it’s now December, I feel I can finally start using the C word. This is a repost of one of my first blog posts, I think it’s worth thinking about as Christmas can often be a very monotonus affair. Getting out and doing something on the day can make it better rather than focussing on a huge meal, but think about other ways to make it different and let me know your toughts.

Simon 🙂

Planet Simon


Yup, it’s nearly here… Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love it. It does have one problem for me, it’s inside, all day and it never changes. well it didn’t change until a few years ago…

Part of the issue was my family and I were never with the ‘in’ crowd, so never got invited round for Christmas. So every year Christmas consisted of:

1) Tear paper off anything present like.

2) Start Christmas dinner.

3) Cook Christmas dinner while trying to get kids not to open the rest of their presents.

4) Christmas dinner cook drags.

5) Christmas dinner finally done, serve, eat and drink.

6) Clear up after Christmas dinner while feeling like I want to sleep.

7) Kids open more presents, TV etc until the end of the day.

OK – I admit, I’m exaggerating a bit. The thing is though, dinner was taking up a lot…

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7 thoughts on “Christmas – How can it be different?”

  1. I’d never actually left the house on Christmas day, up until 2 years ago when I moved out and now I travel from my place to my mums for Christmas dinner. I’d love to do something different though. But telling my parents we don’t want to spend Christmas with them would break their hearts!

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  2. We hiked for Thanksgiving this year. It was fabulous. So for us on Christmas: we use each present as we open it. For example hubby gets a new game, we stop and play the game before the next person opens a present. Kiddo gets a new lego set, we put it together and play with it before the next person opens a present. It’s our thing. You also have to put away the new item where it will live and figure out which item you will be donating before we move on. I run a zero sum house. LOL

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