The other day I go the opportunity to watch a film I've had my eye on for ages - Interstellar. In short it's about an Earth that is dying and the efforts of one man and his crew to find a suitable planet for the human race to live on. The human race is not … Continue reading Interstellar

2015 in review

Like many other bloggers, I got a nice email yesterday with a breakdown of my blog activity over the year etc... There's more good stuff to come so keep reading and I hope that great things are going to come 🙂 The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog. Here's … Continue reading 2015 in review

Cassini Completes Final Close Enceladus Flyby

Following on from my post the other day I hought something on the flyby would be need to to complete this story. The feature image I used shows a world covered in cracks in it's icy surface  and craters poc marking the surface. This world has surprised many with it geological activity and no … Continue reading Cassini Completes Final Close Enceladus Flyby