Music for Today – Vienna

I’m showing my age again, but this is also echoes of Ashes to Ashes…

WordPress is doing something screwy with the music links – opening it in the browser works (I think).


Enjoy and have a good day!

Simon 🙂


20 thoughts on “Music for Today – Vienna”

      1. Yes, it is. A very good friend of mine recorede a tapy with some songs he liked. Vienna was on it too! Real classic songs from Lucio Dalla, Foreigner, Ultravox, Pink Floyd. Cool stuff…. I still have that tape. It is from 1986!


      2. Wow – I rememebr making tapes like that, when I got CD’s I was converting them to tape so I could listen to the music on the move as the portable CD players were rubbish! I think I still have some of these tapes too and your comment has ignited more thoughts on pieces of music. What’s it like being an inspiration? 😉

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      3. I did have one and I had to hold it in my hand to make sure it didn’t jump. At the time to get one that wouldn’t jump cost over £100 when you could buy a good portable tape player for about £30, that was the economics and they made sense.

        What a song Erika! You’re more hip than me and you defintely give me a good feeling! 🙂

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