The Scale of our Problems

If like mot other people every day you face a mountain of problems, bills, responsibilities, stress, strife… (yeah it goes on) have a look at these:


The scale of earth to the other planets in the solar system…


The scale of the planets to the sun…



The scale of the sun to some of the stars in our galaxy…

… how big are your problems? I know is isn’t a way out of the problems we have to deal with, but maybe it gives some perspective.

Simon  🙂


19 thoughts on “The Scale of our Problems”

  1. This always blows me away. Frightening in a way. Awesome for sure, but frightening! I lived in Alaska briefly when I was a teen, compete with all my teen problems. I remember looking up at the sky – the stars were so bright! – and thinking how insignificant my problems seemed at that moment.

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