The Owl



Last night was my fist ever encounter with an Owl. I’ve heard them before but I’ve never handled one and they’ree always very elusive. So it started when I was driving home and there in the middle of the road was Owl, not being able to stop in time – I ran over him. Shit – Fuck I was cursing. I had run over and Owl.

I went back as I have driven over him rather than my whells running him over if you see what I mean. I wasn’t hopeful and most birds that go through this come to a rather sticky end. Anyway, to my surprise he was alive, although I didn’t think he would be for long. He was a little Owl, just like the little fella in the picture. There really isn’t much of them, theyre mostly feathers. Anyway, thinking I would take him hom to spend the night in the warm I put him in a box and a few minutes later I was home.

I thought this would be his last night, he naturally didn’t seem very active and I naturally thought he was dying. So I was surprised when getting out of the car that he flapped about and tryed to escape. Not so hurt then I was thinking to myself, so I picked him up and perched him on my fingers and held him out, waiting. He looked at me with his big eyes, perched for a minute or so, flapped away and was gone.

This was a precious experience and one I hope I will never forget as it was so special to hold such a beautiful and secretive creature for those few moments.

Have a great day all!

Simon 🙂

No ownership claimed to picture, found on Google.

25 thoughts on “The Owl

  1. That’s fascinating, Simon! Poor owl! You really gave him/her a shock as well as me – I thought you ran over the poor thing. And I’m glad it was a happy ending. It’s indeed a precious moment since you don’t usually get to meet one so close 😉

    Have a great day!


  2. Aw! That’s beautiful! I’m glad to hear the owl was alright, but I think it’s great that you would stop and try to help him rather than just drive by as so many people do. It probably looked at you as a way of saving thanks for not just leaving him. ^.^ (And you probably stunned him more than hurt him. That happens with birds. They kind of break out and pause for a bit.)

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  3. Wow, that sounds amazing Simon. I am fascinated by all birds especially birds of prey. The only encounter I have had with a wild owl is when one glided not far over my head when I was going to work a few years back. It would have been 6am and still dark. It gave me a really eerie feeling but in a good way.

    Well done for being so kind and helping this one, not everyone would have!

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    1. I’m guessing that the one that flew over your head was a Barn Owl, they oven do that at either dawn or dusk and they are like floating ghosts.
      It was unbelieveable, especially when it was perched on my hand deciding when the fly, I thought I was going to get scratched to pieces.

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      1. You were brave, I would have been wary of getting bitten but then who knows how one would react until they are in the situation.

        I am pretty sure my encounter was with a barn owl and now you have described it as a floating ghost, that is so apt. It was just like that. I could feel my hair blow as it went over. It was so surreal!!! So eerie, I will never forget it 🙂

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