I’ve been thinking about perspectives. Not the drawing perpectives but more about how we percieve and process what’s around us. What kicked this off is discussing with a fellow bloggie (who I’ve now forgotten who they were – bad me and bad agin mind) about getting flashes into the future.

The way it works (in my mind at least) is that I get a flash in my mind of a snapshot of an event, for a while I can remember it but then it’s gone. When I reach that moment that the snap shot happened, suddendly it comes back to me. It’s happened only a few times in my life, but I can remember these instances very clearly. These instances were not very memorable moments so it’s interesting why they have stuck in my mind.

At this point I start to wonder, what if the way we percieve time is not how it works? We imagine it to work in one direction, going forward, becasue we have created instruments that tell us what the ‘time’ is from a human percieved time system, but what if it moves in ways we can’t percieve. How would we know? Just as we cannot ‘see’ UV or Infra red light and becasue we can’t hear untra high or low frequency sound, it doesn’t mean they don’t exist, we know they do, because we use them or create them every day and we have instruments that tell us so.

So what if events don’t actually happen in time as we understand? Do they kind of ‘leak’ bit outthat we can grasp in a finite moment or something else? I don’t know, it’s all weird for me. But one thing I do know, is that when we consider the phenomena thatwe get tantalising glimpses of, like the paranormal, or the weird things we would swear we see or hear or ‘imagine’ there is far more to percieve in the physical world than we can ever understand – and that’s kind of big really.

Sorry for the ‘out there’ random post. It was somehting I had to write as it was bothering me…

Simon 🙂

15 thoughts on “Perspectives

  1. I also wanted to add that I’ve had several experiences. I think some people have a more heightened awareness of their surroundings and of humanity. This allows us to see things before they happen, like intuition.

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  2. You’ve made my head hurt a little, but I’ve pondered the nature of time a few times myself. How else can you explain why two hours chaperoning your child’s kindergarten class can feel like years and yet the last two months have felt as if they passed in seconds.

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  3. I’ve heard time explained to answer a theoloogical question: if we have free will, how is it God can know what hasn’t happened yet? Or, how can we exist WITHIN time while other things (God) exist OUTSIDE time? Imagine it this way: you and I are watching a parade go by. We are on the ground and the parade is in front of us. We watch it as it is going past… like time. Now imagine we are at the top of a very high building, or in a helicopter watching the very same parade. We can see the whole thing at one time. For us, that is a matter of perspective. BTW, the theological explanation is that God sees the whole thing without affecting it like one would with an aerial view.

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  4. It is said everything actally happens at the same time – past, present, future. Look at the matrix concept: Every possible reality is present in the matrix of our life and the matrix of all life, and it is available at any time. And it shows up when it is “picked”. Also we always only have the present moment. We only exist in the NOW. We cannot do anyhting yesterday or tomorrow, we can only do it now. It is always now. As you say, time is something that the clock tells us but our soul is completely independent from time and space. It simply is and it is always and everywhere, connected with everything. It is complicated I know, and I don’t get the whole thing for sure. But sometimes we get an idea of that time concept like you did. I find that amazing, what you perceived.

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    1. Oh wow, I love this… I’ don’t get it either. But look at it a different way – let’s say if we were to fit the life of the universe into a year, the human life would be so short as be be imperciveable, our perception and understanding of time is so… I don’t know, kind of wrong becasue it stands to reason that if our time is so short that things get ‘mixed up’ with the universe in that short time span but on the whole we will never notice it. Is that a load of rubbish or do you get that? 🙂

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      1. That is a good example. Right, compared with eternity who long does mankind exist? Very true, Simon! I don’t think we will ever get the whole idea because we are limited with our mind. But only getting having a glimpse is mind blowing.


      2. The whole image is not just mind blowing – it’s humbling and terrifying in a way. Our stupid messed up systems of wealth and and power are simply meaningless and insignificant.
        But then so are the problems we face everyday… so there’s good in all that.
        Wow – has your brain imploded yet Erika?


      3. Lol…. no…. that neeys more… haha. All that I have been allowed to understand makes me humble but feels more and more like a simple truth… I mean it feels already normal to me that I get mind blowing insights.. haha. There is so much going on in my life which lifts me to an observing place…. amazing what to see from there 😀 and knowing that there are so many higher platforms still waiting 😁


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